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Dogwood Spring by BlackJulip Dogwood Spring :iconblackjulip:BlackJulip 1 0
In Love with a Christian Girl
The first day we met, you never saw me, the same.
Cause the first time, we locked eyes, you saw, a friend
Ever since our first touch, you were so warm.
I always knew how much I loved you, but it was always was never the same.
Did you ever once notice me that way, did you ever know, what it was like for me, with your heartfelt goodbye?
Because every time we hugged I felt your heart beat with mine.
Every time you said goodbye, I cried, inside.
Cause I knew, you never loved me the same.
All you ever saw in me, was a friend.
But I loved you, the way you didn't accept.
The way your heart beat felt against my chest...
You broke my heart, when you didn't understand.
So I never want to step foot near you again, I'll never speak your name again.
Never see your beautiful face, again.
If I ever see you again,
I'll walk straight past you, and your conservative friends.
I'll never see, your smiling face, again
Say hello, and goodbye, to my old friends for me, please.
Tell him, he ruined me, with th
:iconblackjulip:BlackJulip 0 0
No Words by BlackJulip No Words :iconblackjulip:BlackJulip 0 0 Spring Day by BlackJulip Spring Day :iconblackjulip:BlackJulip 1 0 Img 20151224 164424298 Hdr by BlackJulip Img 20151224 164424298 Hdr :iconblackjulip:BlackJulip 1 0 Home by BlackJulip Home :iconblackjulip:BlackJulip 0 0 New Mexico Sunset by BlackJulip New Mexico Sunset :iconblackjulip:BlackJulip 1 0 Daring by BlackJulip Daring :iconblackjulip:BlackJulip 0 0
What Secrets Do You Keep?
Oh doll of porcelain, with a painted smile.
What secrets do you keep?
You see all, you hear all.
What secrets do you keep?
You see the lies, the things people hide.
What secrets do you keep?
You hear the whispers, you hear the sins.
What secrets do you keep?
You know, beauty isn't always what it seems. So,
What secrets do you keep?
You see past the pretty smiles,
What secrets do you keep?
And you hear past the pleasant lies.
So I ask one more time,
What secrets do you keep?
:iconblackjulip:BlackJulip 1 0
A World Untouched by BlackJulip A World Untouched :iconblackjulip:BlackJulip 4 0 The Hidden Path by BlackJulip The Hidden Path :iconblackjulip:BlackJulip 2 0
In the middle of the room, lying down on the floor. Looken out with tears in my eyes, can't take this sh*t anymore. I hate myself, she says. I hate myself for things I've said, I regret the pain I've not only me but you. Things unsaid go through her head, repeating in an echo. 'I wish I dead!' Then she looks at the bottle and blade, grabbing both she looks at her skin. Scars cover showing when she came so close, and 'Now it's time' she thinks as she swallows the pills and breaks her skin. And like that, she takes her last breath.
Didn't know what to say, didn't know what to do. I just knew this was the only thing I could do, to make it up to you.
The boy walks in, doesn't bat an eye. He just walks out, doesn't even cry. If she was still alive, she would cry tears but know she was right. She didn't want to live knowing the mistakes she's made, and didn't want to face the ones up ahead. She had dreams but knew they, too were as good as dead.
Didn't know what to say, didn't know what to d
:iconblackjulip:BlackJulip 0 0
The Girl with the Rose
A girl stood, still, silent. Her eyes were closed, and in her hand, she clutched a single red rose. Her black hair cascaded around her face and arms, contrasting to ivory white. Her brilliant white gown and ebony waves fluttered in the wind, and caught stray snowflakes that fell from the sky. Her bare feet were buried in the snow. As the clouds swirled and grew, she opened silver eyes. She looked up to the sky, blinking slowly as dots of white caught on her face, barely showed. If one looked at her, their eyes would surely glaze over in tears. For her eyes held such deep sorrow not even the deepest blue could express. And as she gazed at the dark sky, she cried. Her tears froze before they hit the ground, and as when she held the rose tighter, black thorns drew red. And as she wept, dark red spilled to the ground as fast as tears. And then, she was gone. Vanished, in the swirling snow. Nothing left, but blood, and a single rose.
:iconblackjulip:BlackJulip 0 0
Warning: Possible Trigger
A girl walks. And walks, and walks. Until she walks no more.
She stops right at her door.
She turns the handle, and walks right in. She takes a knife right to her skin.
Each day is the same, the lyrics remain.
Until her last breath.
Now as her mother sees her lying, motionless, still.
She can't move, to shocked until.
Her husband comes and looks as well.
She screams "She's dead!"
He can't move, he can't speak.
And then they see the note.
Lying on the desk, with splattered blood.
In cursive ink was,
"I've taken the cowards way out, I know. I'm sorry"
"I love you, but this world is full of sin and sorrow"
"Shall everyone who bullied me know, they were right"
"I'm a worthless coward, and I've ended my plight."

Her mother cried, her father stared.
Her pool of blood grew.
'I'm sorry.'
This was not only her fault. Or the bullies fault. It was also the kids who stood by, the kids who just 'joined the crowd.'
We are all guilty of sin.
I suppose sh
:iconblackjulip:BlackJulip 0 0
Love of Hope
In the moonlight a girl lays, staring out to the stars with tears.
A song, heard only in silence.
'In pain, we sing. And in happiness, we rejoice in silence.'
A lullaby, sung with sorrow. One we all sing in the end.
We all cry in pain, but when we are in true sadness we hide.
But the song, behind the cries, behind the sorrowful words...
Is something so small, so quiet that for most you only hear it to late.
It's the love of hope.
The small voice inside us all that shines in our darkest hours.
It's always there, and always will stay.
You just have to listen.
And so the girl stares for just a while longer.
Then leaves with a smile, and a 'thank you'.
:iconblackjulip:BlackJulip 0 0
Careful What You Wish For Chapter 1
A young woman sits in the middle of a field, running her mocha fingers through her long, light brown hair. She looked sad, her hazel eyes looking far off. She stops brushing her hair, grabbing a hair tie and putting her hair in a high pony tail. She looks at the sky, watching the stars twinkle. She watches as one in particular sparkles the most, but was small and hard to see. She smiles, saying "Oh star, so small. So different. Star, I wish for someone I could love, some one that would love me. This is my one wish." She then got up, turning away from the sky. With one last longing glance, she headed back towards the city lights. The star's light grew, and as it gave this girl her wish, the sky whispered "Careful what you wish for."
:iconblackjulip:BlackJulip 0 0


Mature content
Paralysis [Incubus!Levi x Parasomniac!Reader] [AU] :iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 218 94
leaves from the vine lyrics
Leaves from the vine
Falling so slow
Like fragile tiny shells
Drifting in the foam
Little soldier boy
Come marching home
Brave soldier boy
Comes marching home
Those leaves did grow
From branches overgrown
Drifting slowly down
Resting on the loam
Little soldier boy
Taken from home
Forced to fight a war
That's not his own
Leaves from the vine
Falling so slow
Like fragile tiny shells
Drifting in the foam
Little soldier boy says
"Carry me home"
Sleeping soldier boy
Is carried home
:iconshadowlover09:Shadowlover09 307 46
A Dash of Fear: Digimon Self-Insert
A Dash of Fear
Digimon self-insert
Gloria Gutchall
The dark carriage sped away, leaving the woman on the ground, unconcious, and with a lot of blood lost.
However, the man, or vampire, inside the carriage was still hungry.
Myotismon, the vampire Digimon, looked out the window of his carriage to see if anyone else was still out.
You were lucky enough just to get that one meal, Myo. He thought to himself. I don't think that anyone else is out.... or, since this is a big city suburbs, someone might still be out....There!
Another human was walking down the dark street, her arms full of books. She looked young, with long, straight dark brown hair, and an eye color that matched. She wore glasses, and had on a midnight blue T-Shirt and skinny jeans, with black sandals.
"Stupid library just HAD to be closed." She muttered. "I've still got to return all these!"
The Digimon smirked, and the carriage stopped next to the girl, who looked up at it in wonder.
"What in Hades name....?
:icondisgaeagirl565:Disgaeagirl565 12 101
SlugTerra Halloween Fanfic-Eli's Vampire Plague
    Chapter 7
    Trixie and the boys made their way to what used to be Quiet Lawn Cavern when they noticed something was missing:  The people.
    "Where is everyone?" Pronto asked.
    "I don't know, Pronto," Trixie admitted, "I don't like this one bit."
    "Maybe they're hiding in their homes like when the Hooligang came for Redhook for Dr. Blakk?" Kord suggested.
    "Somehow, I doubt it," Trixie told him.  That's when Trixie noticed the scared glances on the slugs faces.
    The slugs felt a strong negative energy surrounding the area.  This made them extremely nervous.
    "Drac and his vampires MUST'VE been through here," Trixie said when a shadow appeared before the Shane Gang.
    The Shane gang readied their blasters when they heard the shadow's voice, "You got that right, Trixie."
    "Dana?!" Trixie asked, "What happened here?"
    Coming out of the
:iconwaterstar230:Waterstar230 5 2
Slugterra Eli x Reader Blakk's Daughter Part 1
The Shane gang rode their MechaBeasts through the cave entrance and fled across the cavern to the safety of the jungle on the other side. A roar of fury echoed behind them as El Diablos Nacho, followed by Dr Blakk himself, came tearing after them aboard the Slugterranian Express. Nacho shot a slug ahead of Eli's Mecha, causing a giant tree to fall and block the gang's path. Eli screeched to a halt just shy of the log, as did Trixie and Kord, but Pronto wasn't so lucky. The molenoid's stubborn donkey Mechabeast braked suddenly, sending Pronto over the handlebars and into a low branch. "Stupid, stupid beast!" Pronto shrieked indignantly. "You think you can make the great Pronto look like a fool that easily? Just wait till I get down ther-" With a sickening crunch, Pronto dropped out of the tree and landed at Kord's feet. He got to his feet woozily, looking rather sheepish.
The gang turned as the Express squealed to a halt and Nacho and his guards closed in. The gang was hopelessly outnum
:iconcreamkitty123:Creamkitty123 32 20
Rolling Girl~English Lyrics (zoozbuh)
A rolling girl is always far away
In her dream world she longs to stay
So much noise buzzing round inside her head
All the worries never end, all the worries never end...
"No problem" is so easily said
but now, is there any meaning left?
She fails once more, fails once more
After searching for the odd one out in the crowd,
she starts spinning again...
One more time, one more time
"I think I will keep rolling on today too"
And so she says, so she says
Making sure that each of her words is sincere
"Are you okay? No, I'm in a daze
Trying to escape but I just don't see the point.
Maybe I should just stop breathing."
A rolling girl feels she has reached the end,
The colours blend and can't be felt
All these voices are fighting to be heard
They're all merging into one, they're all merging into one
"No problem" is so easily said
but now, those words have no meaning left
and how will I stay on the right path?
Even the hill's tempting me to stray from what's right;
make mistakes I'll regret
:iconthezeroalchemist:TheZeroAlchemist 143 25
Empire of The Sun by borda Empire of The Sun :iconborda:borda 536 48 Sailor Power by kaminary-san Sailor Power :iconkaminary-san:kaminary-san 6,973 234
Your Guardian Angel [Protective!MystoganxReader]
He didn’t know what had possessed him to do something like this. If he didn’t know any better he would say that he was under a powerful spell. But he did know better. He wasn’t, he did this under full knowledge of what he was doing.
At this very moment Mystogan was back in Magnolia after a gruelling mission. After reporting to Master Makarov he had decided to check up on you.
So here he was, following you from afar, because as much as he’d want to approach you and talk to you, he couldn’t. He still had his own personal mission to complete and also you kind of intimated him… not because you were a big threatening woman like Erza, thank god. But because you were a bubbly young woman that everyone loved. You had curious bright [E/C] eyes, soft [H/L] flowing [H/C] hair and a pretty face.
A lot of people have come to adore you and your kind personality, Mystogan included. One of his common past times while he was in Magnolia was to watch you go about your
:iconjordypye:Jordypye 326 28
Cherish You. (Fairy Tail MembersxReader)
The battle of Fairy Tail was no easy battle, they had been fighting for days, they were exhausted but determined not to lose the fight.
As the final enemy fell in defeat the members of Fairy Tail let out wild cheers and begun to celebrate, laughing and hugging each other, all except for one person, Master Makarov neither cheered nor laughed, his face held nothing but sadness as he turned to one of the oldest members of Fairy Tail.
He approached you and stopped a few feet away. There was a long pause as he watched you closely, your face was hidden behind a curtain of your loose [H/C] locks of hair so he couldn’t assess you properly.
“[Y/N]…” he started before pausing. By now the rest of the guild had stopped to see what was happening. They watched tensely, worried for you. “[Y/N], for your bravery, for your honour and for your sacrifice, we will always remember you. We will always cherish you.” Masters voice grew weak when he saw you lift your he
:iconjordypye:Jordypye 375 97
Friend's ponysona #1 by LookMaIDrew Friend's ponysona #1 :iconlookmaidrew:LookMaIDrew 44 4
You walked slowly along the corridors coughing up a storm you could not speak because it hurt so much from your coughing, your nose was stuffed up enough that you couldn't breathe but through your mouth and you ached with a pounding headache. There was no class today which you were extremely thankful for. You wouldn't be leaving the tower but you needed to get away from your House, it sucked to be the little sister of Harry Potter. He was one and a half and you were two months old when Voldermort killed your parents. Leaving Harry Potter, the Chosen One and Name Potter, his little sister.
You as a little sister of Harry meant that others expected you to be as good as him, but in the end you weren’t seen as good enough to be his sister by many. He was thin with ebony locks and emerald eyes while you were chubby with (hair color) locks and (eye color) orbs.
Your extra fluff was something that gave you no end of grief at home, even thought Dudley was horribly obese and much fatter t
:iconassassinpsyche:AssassinPsyche 180 29
Blushing Wars (Sebastian x Chubby!Maid!Reader)
You were currently cleaning up one of Mey-rin's mess for the tenth time that day and you were getting sort of annoyed by it but you had smiled at her and told her to go rest while you did the rest of the chores. When you were almost finished mopping you backed right into someone and got startled, dropping the mop, but before it could fall a gloved hand reached out and grabbed it.
"Damn it Sebastian, you scared the hell out of me" you said as you clutched your chest causing the demon to smirk, you halfheartedly glared at him and grabbed the mop, you would see Mer-rin always blush and stutter around him and you were determined to not do the same even though that man was the definition of sexy you would control yourself you were a (Last name) after all!
"I am terribly sorry (y/n)~ Will you ever forgive me?~" he said as he placed a gloved hand on your plump waist, you almost had a heart attack, he's been very touchy feely lately and it was giving you high blood pressure. You gulped and pla
:iconsassy-but-classy:Sassy-but-Classy 249 76
Deanna Troi Reads Minds (Star Trek TNG x Reader)
Stardate Unknown, Location Federation Space
U.S.S. Enterprise-D
Deanna stared at her cards and rested her cheek in her palm as she looked around, bored, at her fellow crew members who she was playing poker with. She decided to use her telepathy and looked into Picard's mind.
"Yes! Finally! A winning hand! I wonder why my inner voice doesn't have an accent. Did I leave something in the replicator in my room? Oooh. Beverly is looking finnnneeee!"
Deanna looked at him shocked then looked into Worf's mind.
"Weapons. Poker. Man, I need a drink. Why is Deanna looking at me? Is she reading my mind? Blank. Ace of spades. Shit! Don't think like that, Worf! Women. No don't go there either!" Worf thought.
Deanna stifled a laugh then looked into Will Riker's mind.
"She likes me. Obviously. What woman doesn't? With my charming good looks, confidence, and winning smile I'm the complete package. Hehhe. Package...Wait! Why is Deanna snickering?!" Will looked at her
:icondmurell1378:dmurell1378 35 20
Obsession [Sebastian x Reader]
Never had Sebastian left so weak. No matter how hard he tried to resist, he ended up giving into the temptation over and over again. It was like a drug, something that settled itself into the back of his mind. Or maybe even a curse.
Funny how a demon could be cursed in such a way.
His red eyes watched everything. Not missing even one movement. He left his heart flutter lightly, and a strange feeling started to grow in his stomach. Was the feeling hunger? It's been quite some time sine he last had a nice soul.
No, it was defiantly not hunger. It was something much more. Something more powerful. Something he couldn't resist.
”Just pet the goddamn cat already.” you snapped at the butler that had crouched down next to the black and white kitten. The said demon swallowed thickly as he slowly reached out to touch the fur. The cat purred happily at the touch and got closer to Sebastian.
You could have sworn you saw your dear demon boyfriend blush, but it might have been you imagin
:iconnixdex:nixdex 930 190


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